For businesses with multiple locations, determining the correct approach for social media can be tricky.   Do you have one corporate Facebook page?   Do you create a page for each location?   What about review sites? Twitter?

We’ve long felt that taking a localized approach to social media is the best strategy, which means treating every location as its own entity.  Whether you’re a gym or a nail salon or a restaurant, your regular customers think of the location they visit most frequently as THEIR location, and it’s important that this is reflected in your social media strategy.

So, what does this mean?   For Facebook, it means having a unique page for each location and creating relevant content that engages your local fans.  For review sites like Yelp and Google Places, it means having up to date business information for each location and responding to all reviews (positive and negative) about those locations.

Twitter creates some very interesting opportunities for hyperlocal engagement.   Say a potential customer who is nearby a particular location of a restaurant tweets “I’m starving, where should I eat?” you could tweet back at them something like “come by {restaurant x at y location}, we’ve got a killer special that has your name on it”.   This is something we do for our clients all of the time, and the results are amazing.

Recently,, wrote a blog post referencing a study done by independent research company, Mainstay Salire, which showed that local pages see a 5x increase in % reach  (the percentage of fans that see a given post) and 8x more engagement (photo views, video plays, link clicks, comments, like & shares) than their corporate counterparts.   To see the entire post, click here.

Whether your business has a social media strategy in place, or you’re still trying to figure out how to implement one, don’t underestimate the value of taking a localized approach.  You’ll see better results and your customers will love (or maybe ‘like’) you for it.